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Linenspa 8 Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress-Distres

Get ready for peaceful sleep with this supportive and comfortable Linenspa Essentials 8" Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress. With a layer of Bonnell spring coils and soft memory foam, this mattress contours to your body for a personalized sleep experience. Plus, the AlwaysCool gel infusion, combined with the springs, creates a cool sleeping experience so you sleep comfortably all night long. This mattress conveniently ships to your home in a box. All you have to do is open up the package, let the mattress decompress, and enjoy peaceful slumber. At optimal decompression, this mattress will reach a 10" depth, however, as this is distressed inventory, the mattress may decompress to a depth between 8-10". Please purchase accordingly. Features a supportive layer of coils topped with contouring memory foam for comfortable sleep AlwaysCool technology is infused in the gel memory foam to create a cooling sleep experience The combination of coils and memory foam creates a medium feel perfect for a main bedroom or guest bed The memory foam layer contours to your body so you can sleep soundly all night long Conveniently ships to your home rolled and compressed in a single box At optimal decompression, the mattresses are the following sizes: Twin: 37.5" (W) x 74" (L), Twin XL: 37.5" (W) x 79" (L), Full: 52.5" (W) x 74" (L), Queen: 59" (W) x 79" (L), King: 75" (W) x 79" (L) Comes As Is: Warranty does not apply, and we do not accept refunds or returns What is distressed inventory? Every once in a while, we overstock an item, and it ends up sitting in our warehouse for longer than we'd like. When that happens, we take some of the mattresses out of the box and let them decompress to see how they're doing. Some of the mattresses we took out of the box didn't decompress as much as they should, so the overall performance and comfortability aren't as consistent as we'd like. What does that mean for you? When you buy a distressed inventory mattress, that means the mattress isn't perfect and the performance and comfortability vary from item to item. However, you're also getting a great deal on one of our most popular mattresses. We do not accept refunds or returns on items sold as is. All sales are final. Mattress Decompression Tips We recommend opening your mattress within 72 hours of receiving it and following these tips to help your mattress fully decompress. Help air flow through your mattress by rolling on it, having kids play on it, or even walking on it. Keep the room temperature over 70 degrees. If the edges are having a hard time decompressing, using a steamer works wonders to help fill those out. Give your mattress time. The mattress should fully decompress within 7-10 days. ....... provided by ebay
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