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NEW-Apple AirPods 2rd Generation With Earphone Ear

Apple AirPods 2nd Generation Bluetooth Earphone Earbuds Wireless Charging Box US SHIP After you got the airpods, Please you try it according to below procedure: Step 1: Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth. Step 2: Open the AirPods charging case cover(Don't take out the headphones if the pairing is unsucessful). Step 3: The connection interface will show on the phone. Step 4: Click on the ICloud to connect with phone ( hold on the button on the back of charging case) ,then wait for the phone screen to show that the connection is successful, then take out the headphones and use it. Package Includes: 2x Bluetooth Earbuds (left & right) 1x Wireless Charging Case 1x Lightning Cable 1x Manual After -sales Wishing you a pleasant shopping experience in our store! f you receive any questions, please contact us, please believe we can give you a satisfactory solution, please do not leave negative feedback. ....... provided by ebay
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