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Make money - dyson airstrait
Dyson Airstrait Straightener Nickel / Copper - New

Dyson Airstrait Straightener Nickel / Copper - Brand New / Sealed. Box does have wear from prior shipping - outer jacket has been sliced from box cutter. Box has never been open / jacket removed. See pictures for details. All serial # are recorded prior to shipping. Sorry, we are unable to ship to any international freight forwarders / overseas dropshippers -> all corresponding orders will be cancelled. Any users with less than 10 feedback rating, will need a confirmed shipping address or we are unable to ship the order. The Dyson Airstrait dries and straightens hair simultaneously. Take hair from a wet to finished look - with one machine. Wet to dry straightening, with air. No hot plates. IncludesDyson AirstraitNon-slip heat mat  ....... provided by ebay
dyson airstrait
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